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of obama care that he is sorry. but that isn't stopping the discussion. >> reporter: president obama is apologizing to americans losing their headlight insurance telling nbc. >> i am sorry that they, you know, are find is themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> reporter: about 5% of americans buy their insurance on the individual market. and some of them are losing their plans as insurance companies cancel policies that don't meet tough new obama care standards. >> we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place and i want to do everything we can to make sure that people are finding thepgs in a good position, a better position than they were before this law happened. >> reporter: the president said most people getting cancellation letters will be able to get new plans at the same price or cheaper on the new marketplaces. he stuck to the latest promise the troubled healthcare.gov website will be physicaled. >> it is better than it was october 1st and better than last week. i'm confident will be even better by november
president obama will even work. >>> a week since typhoon haiyan devastated the philippines. residents are still striving to survive. why the federal government is being blamed and the new threat facing the people there. >>> i want to apologize for my graphic remarks. >> graphic, yes. a huge development in the most political circus you will ever see. toronto's mayor, now his brother says he should step away from office. >> did you see his wife standing by him? her face spoke volumes! >> i think the world's face was making that same suppression. >>> good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. it is friday, november 15th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> let's begin with the big administration from the president over obama care. he is saying the health care rollout has been rocky, that the administration fumbled, and that he is the one to blame. but he is vowing that he is not giving up on his significant achievement and make ago policy change meaning if you like your plan, you may be able to keep it at least for the short term. >> possibly. >> yeah. here
in for john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. >>> democrats stressing out over the obama care fiasco. they are facing off with the president urging him to get the exchange system up and running and to do this swiftly. they are getting real nervous about the political fallout here and they should be. health and human service secretary kathleen sebelius saying healthcare.gov needs millions of fixes. here is more from brianna kei r keilar. >> it is wonderful to see all of you. >> reporter: texas, not exactly friendly territory for obama care. but that is where president obama went to criticize republican opposition to his signature health care reform program and promising its faulty website will soon be up and running. >> we are working overtime to get this fixed. the website is already better than it was at the beginning of october. and by the end of this month, we anticipate that it is going to be working the way it is supposed to. >> reporter: back in the hot seat again, embattled health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius testified before a senate committee conceding not
finish in a major swing state. what last night's election results mean for you. >>> and president obama's approval rating is nearing an all-time low. is it obama care or the spying scandal? what's behind the 52-week plunge? >>> new jersey's newest mall will reopen its doors after the gunman opened fire monday night. new details on the note that authorities say the gunman left behind. >> good morning, miguel marquez. >> very nice to have you. i'm zoraida sambolin. it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. welcome to this election day edition of "early start." one very tight race if a critical swing state topping the headlines this morning. in new jersey, a possible, possible preview of 2016. republican chris christie sweeping the victory for a second term. and democrat terry mcauliffe is the next governor, surviving a stiff challenge from republican ken cuccinelli. and the bloomberg era is over in new york. for the first time in 20 years, the big apple has a democrat in charge. liberal bill deblasio easily becoming the city's 109th mayor. let's bring in political director mark pressen who has been up
sought. >> just another day in a series of mess-ups in obama care. >> well, obama care enrollment falling far below expectations and why americans aren't signing up and what the white house plans to do about it. >>> sgrdesperation in the philippines as people are struggling to get the basic needs to have to have to survive. >> don't come across than that. okay? because you are. >> toronto's mayor on the attack refuse to go step down from office after admitting that he has purchased illegal drugs. >> i have never seen anything like that before. absolutely not. >> pretty remarkable, right? >> beyond remarkable. glad i don't live in toronto this morning. >>> good morning, i'm john berm berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. nice to have you with us. it is thursday, november 14th. 5:01 in the east. >>> in washington they are waking up with giant headaches in the white house. that's if they slept at all. chances are many of them didn't because not only is there significa signature policy on the line and the obama care enrollment numbers for october are out and they were very low. epic low. about 100
. >>> the president should honor the commitment the federal government made those people. >> president obama hitting a new low. his popularity is plummeting, as he faces tough criticism from tough leaders of his own party as well. could the white house do anything to turn this mess around? >>> everything's gone. our houses. everything. there's nothing to eat. there's nothing to drink. >> the devastation is growing in the philippines this morning. the relief moving in so slowly to the typhoon survivors who so badly need it. we're live with the latest developments on the ground there. >>> and a major health alert impacting millions of americans, why if you're not already on cholesterol medication you may soon be. >> it's kind of medical news for everybody. >> yes, it is. >>> good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. it's wednesday, november 13th, it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> we are going to begin with the fallout. the new latest fallout over the affordable care act and president obama's declining popularity. almost immediately, it failed to do what it was
for president obama in 2012. >> the political bombshell that everybody is talking about this morning. the explosive new report revealing there was talk of dumping vice president biden for hillary clinton. >>> justice for kj is coming! >> the launch of an investigation into the mysterious death of a teenager who was found in a rolled-up mat inside his high school gymnasium. >> happy friday! >> i'm michaela pereira in for zorai zoraida. >> i'm john berman. >> it feels like it's still october. >>> deadly and ferocious flooding in central texas. more than a thousand homes evacuated, heavy rain sending creeks and rivers over their banks and into communities already devastated by a punishing drought and awful conditions there. at least two people were killed overnight. plenty of pictures. dramatic rescues. some by helicopter. they were playing out in neighborhood after neighborhood. >> my dogs kept making noise and i thought, shh, a couple times and then i heard dripping, and so i got up and, you know, the carpet is wet and it just got worse and worse and worse. >> the water came too fast.
in a swing state. >>> president obama's approval rating is nearing an all-time low. what is behind this 52-week plunge and can he recover? >>> and new jersey largest mall will reopen its doors after a gunman opened fire monday night. new details on a note authorities say the gunman left behind. >>> good morning to you. welcome to "early start." we're very happy you're with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm miguel marquez in for the lovely and talented john berman. it's 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. welcome to a special election day edition of "early start." one very tight race in a critical swing state topping the headlin headlines. terry mcauliffe is the next governor surviving a stiff challenge from conservative republican ken cuccinelli and the bloomberg era is over in new york. for the first time in 20 years, amazingly enough, a democrat in charge. liberal dill de blasio easily becoming the city's 109th mayor. let's bring in political director mark preston. what's your take on last night's results? >> you know, miguel, there are a lot of winners, individual winners. chris christie, a big
-walsh, thank you. >>> president obama is defending the international flavnuclear d with iran this morning. the president calling on the critics who said the agreement was a mistake. the president said bluster may be an easy solution and does not promote security and he insisted this nuclear deal is progress. >> this will help iran from building a nuclear weapon and over the coming months, we are going to continue our diplomacy with the goal of achieving a comprehensive solution that deals with iran's threat once and for all. if iran seizes this opportunity and chooses to join the global community then we can begin to chip away at the mistrust that has existed for many years between our two nations. >> the president was interrupted in part of the speech from chanting. the president had the power to stop deporting immigrants. president blamed congress and said he would change the laws if he could but he needed the lawmakers to help him do so. >> he allowed that noon stay afterwards. >>> president obama is continuing his west coast trip and visited last night with the family of tsa officer t
house technology team trying to fix the obama care website. crews are scrambling to get healthy.gov up and running by the weekend. they are working on an app that will allow people eligible for financial assistance to enroll. it is not going over well with the insurance companies. >>> administration officials say a change in providers is not related to the problems with healthcare.gov. they say hp was contracted this past summer, well before the rollout of the obama care website. >>> a nine-hour standoff between a barricaded gunman and police in inglewood, california, is now over. two officers were injured and began when the unidentified gunman took his 14-year-old daughter hostage. when police arrived, he opened fire rather hitting one of the officers. another cop got hurt in a fall. the suspect is in custody this morning after finally agreeing to come out of the house with his hands up. the two hostages are safe. no word yet about a possible motive. >>> a new jersey police officer is getting credited for saving a life. officer scott christianger culled a man from a pickup truck in ca
. the time to fix the obama website. will they succeed or admit defeat? >> good morning. welcome to early start. we are excited that you are here with us! >> happy black friday to all of you. it's 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. this 29th day of november. we hope you enjoyed your family, friends, football and all of the food. >> i'm feeling pretty good. i did get my sleep. >> i didn't but happy to be here. >> now you've napped and wrapped the left joverts it's time to put your shopping shoes on. black friday is in full swing. the national retail federation says 3 million will grab their checkbooks and dust off those credit cards and head to the stores today to do a little swipy, swipy. in fact, bargain hunting has already begun. zain asher is inside macy's. zain, i wish i have would given you my credit card! you could have done some shopping for me. >> rosa, yes. we are seeing a stead stream of kers on on the ground floor in macy's. i'm told the real chaos is upstairs in women's clothing. understandable. the first time ever macy's has been open on thanksgiving night. yesterday they opened at
. for the last four and a half years they have done everything to deny the fact that obama was elected and then re-elected. >> reporter: translation? gop obstruction is unprecedented. to back that up, democrats point to statistics from the nonpartisan research service. in the history of the country, there have been 168 filibusters of presidential nominees about half 82 happened during the obama administration. >> in summary, this is a power grab. >> angry republicans don't necessarily dispute democrat statistics about nominees they have blocked but how many judges they have confirmed, 215 and rejected five. the president opposed this tactic as a senator when democrats were in the minority. >> if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting and the bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse. >> reporter: he has changed his tune too. >> the vote today, i think, is an indication that majority of senators believe, as i believe, that enough is enough. >> reporter: dana bash, cnn, capitol hill. >>> that is a big milestone in the senate, no doubt
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the deadline. >>> chris christie says president obama should apologize because he didn't tell people the truth about keeping their own insurance coverage under obama care but he is keeping coy and here is what he said expected to. >> i'm the governor of new jersey and four more years is what i intend to do. >> all four years? >> who knows. i will continue to do my job and finish the job, when everybody is trying to figure out what life is going to bring you a few years from now, i didn't expect to sit here, george, so nobody is making those predictions. >> he is not pulling punches on obama care calling the president -- calling on the president to deal with the debacle head-on. >>> americans pausing today to thank the veterans for giving service to our country. president obama will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the national cemetery this morning. >> this is remarkable video. >> tune to the tv! >> u.s. army veteran jim wolf battles alcoholism and poverty and homelessness for decades. watch as he takes in the change of his own appearance. the video has over 9 million views and produ
. the ap says the system was carried out called penny lane. the program ended in 2006. >>> obama care is headed back that the supreme court. the justices can agreed to hear two cases challenging the law's mandate providing that employers provide contraceptive coverage in their insurance plans. some are exempt. but some business owners say it forces them to violate their faith. the central issue is whether the constitution protecting the religious rights of for-profit companies. lower courts have the cases which could be argued next spring. >>> and a thanksgiving tradition at the white house. president obama will pardon a turkey. a lucky turkey. this year, caramel and popcorn are the two turkeys that will have a chance to live out their lives in mt. vernon. they're adorable, aren't that? nice and lump. >>> another market milestone, the nasdaq closed above 4,000 for the first time in 14 years. the last time that happened all the way back from the dotcom bubble in 2000. follows two other milestones last week. the s&p 500 hit 1800. the dow closed above 16,000. i want to say a drop in cons
: and the obama administration naive. >> rather than surrendering to their charm offensive, it's important that they surrender to the pressure that can be brought to them. >> reporter: while u.s. officials say their differences are purely technical, they go to the core of whether any diplomatic agreement on iran's nuclear program is possible. >> you have probably the most significant breach in terms of perceptions and realities between an american president and israeli prime minister in quite some time. >> reporter: facing similar skepticism from u.s. lawmakers at home, president obama met with senate leaders tuesday to make his case. several still left the white house unconvinced. >> well, i think all of us are concerned. we know who we're dealing with. you know, we watch this same type of activity occur in north korea where you began to alleviate sanctions. and i think what the concern is, whatever you do in an interim basis becomes the new norm. >> reporter: negotiators will meet in geneva today at least through friday with hopes of making a deal. >> our thanks to jim about that. >>> we
courts. >>> president obama will meet with senate leaders from both parties today. he is trying to convince them not to ratchet up sanctions against iran. nuclear talks with the iranians resume tomorrow in geneva and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have made it clear they are skeptical at best about where those talks are heading. the president argues if the u.s. is serious about diplomacy then adding sanctions to the ones already working against iran would be counterproductive. >>> big developments unfolding in the brutal rollout of healthy.gov. obama care's top technology manager henry chow will testify at one of the hearings. just relieved documents reveal he had deep concerns in july that the site would malfunction. we are learning that a consulting firm warned the white house back in march that launching the site on october 1st would be risky. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius attended a briefing session about that report back on april 4th. that is a long time ago, folks. also developing. the white house is considering a website work-around. this pro
. even though the u.s. has set a firm year-end deadline for him to decide. >>> president obama is visiting san francisco today and los angeles where speeches on immigration and the economy. attending fund-raisers for congressional races. the president spent sunday in seattle area for fund-raisers. one of the home of a microsoft executive john shirley. >>> "gq" magazine out with this list of least influential people and people according to "gq" who haven't used their fame for enough good. president obama is number 17 on the list. the magazine says he's good at making speeches but "gq" said he is not good at getting things done. number one is ex-nba star dennis rodman who met with pyongyang. >>> a man below risking it all to save this lady during a 40-foot fall. >>> patriots come back. how they managed to beat the broncos after down 24-0 at halftime. >> unbelievable. >>> time for your morning rhyme. tweet us with your own original verse. it can be about anything your heart desires. we will read the best ones on the air in our next half hour. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
the winds still ripping where she is in washington, illinois. >>> move on now to obama care. the administration reportedly would consider the federal marketplace a success if 80% of users are able to buy health care online. that is the target the government and industry officials provided to "the washington post." if you're good at math you know this means 1 in 5 people who try to sign up on that site will fail. still the goal does put pressure on government workers to fix healthcare.gov and the website there and technical issues with the call center. >>> edward snowden is making a spike if the people want to know if the government is spying you on. the nsa report and increase in open records within the last year and close to ten times what is normal there. anyone asking is getting a standard prewritten letter saying the nsa can neither confirm nor deny any information about them has been gathered. the nsa also says it has declassified some information and is working on releasing even more. >>> our fighting men and women could be facing painful cuts. top u.s. military comman
its nuclear program. the obama administration does not want to rush but the more time to strike a deal the more resistance from friends and foes alike. jim sciutto is live in geneva for us. what can you tell us? >> reporter: negotiators doing battle this morning at the bargaining table. the first significant meeting between the iran foreign minister and eu foreign policy, members of the eu team tell us this morning they are locked in tough negotiations. the senior administration officials have been talking to say, the west is unified now in their position. they have gotten over whatever disagreements broke up the last round of talks and up to the iranians. the u.s. officials are doing their own round of management and including secretary of state john kerry. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we will not allow this agreement, should it be reached, and i say should it be reached, to buy time or to allow for the acceptance of an agreement that does not properly address our core fundamental concerns. >> reporter: the core fundamental concerns are about iran's enrichment of u rainian.
rival. romney behind a similar health care plan in massachusetts says that president obama failed to learn from the mistakes of massachusetts and, worse, sold the plan under false pretenses. the whole thing, romney says, is rotting away the president's second term. >>> the senate is expected to vote today on enda the employment nondiscrimination act based on sexual orientation or gender identity. the first time in u.s. history they voted on this. if they approve the pressure a final senate vote could come on wednesday. >>> a terrifying moment in the skies over wisconsin. two planes carrying sky divers for a formation jump this weekend, these two planes collided in mid air. one of the planes crashed. now, all 11 sky drivers managed to jump to safety. two of them did suffer minor injuries. the pilot of the plane that went down was badly bloodied and appeared to hurt his hand. he is doing okay today. imagine that. two planes collide and everyone doing okay. >> that is amazing. they all had chutes because they were going to do a jump but still a crash is not what you expect to do when
set to come back this week but we are getting an image of how many americans signed up for obama care. the numbers are not high at all. "the wall street journal" says fewer than 50,000 people signed up through the federal site as of last week. cnn estimates another 60,000 signed up through state-run exchanges. together that is still a fraction of the 500,000 people the administration was expecting and hoping would be signed up by now. problems with the health cacarev may also be a problem people are not signing up. >>> the controversy swirling around the miami dolphins amid accusations of player hazed and harassed teammate. the dolphins played monday night and lost against the buccaneers. the team is reeling against jonathan martin and richie incognito's absence from the team. the owner stephen ross speaking ot saying he is not jumping to conclusions yet. >> we want to get to the bottom of it and hear what the real facts are. so much has been said and done to date that i don't think anybody really knows what has happened because no one has really spoken with jonathan martin directly.
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